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There will be NO STREET CAR ACCESS surrounding our venue LION YARD SHOPPING CENTRE from 8am to 8pm on the 6th of July 2019. The Grand Arcade car park will be closed.

We kindly ask you to choose a green alternative to come to our festival. Please follow the link to find out more about the green Public Transport options to get to the Eco Living Festival Cambridge:

VISIT, PARTICIPATE and LEARN How to create a more eco low-impact lifestyle that doesn't hurt our planet. Join us for a series of FREE Eco Beauty Workshops, Talks and Eco Masterclasses. Visit the Eco Living Festival's beautifully converted 4,000 sq. ft Pop-Up Eco-Lifestyle Advice Centre at Lion Yard Shopping Cambridge A bespoke eco-community space created by Sustainable Diva Design

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In our region, over 40,000 sewer blockages a year are caused by fat, oil and grease(FOG) wrongly flushed down our household sinks. Sanitary waste and disposable baby and make up wipes are flushed down the loo causing environmental pollution of waterways. Anglian Water's Keep It Clear campaign and the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) will deliver two free-to-attend informative and educational talks on simple product swaps you can make to prevent further environmental pollution.

In partnership with Eco Fashion designer Linda Thomas, who has created the dresses, The Ocean Waste Dresses installation which will feature four of Linda’s designs together with information on where, how and why the waste of each dress came to be.

Learn how to make your own simple vintage zero waste kitchen beeswax food preservation covers. Make your own reusable beeswax cloth food wraps, perfect for pack lunches, wrapping sandwiches and preserving food without the need for disposable plastic in these free workshops.

A Sustainable Diva Vintage Zero Waste Kitchen Hack Workshop.

An ECOBRICK is made of a plastic bottle or container densely filled with single use, non recyclable plastic waste that is often headed to landfill or incineration. In this Workshop and Masterclass with Tina Mcgrane, learn how to make Eco Bricks and find out about this global movement. See Festival 2019 for further workshop details. Items such as sweet wrappers, compost soil bags, crisp packets and film wrapping.
Our mission is to create consumer-facing events which inspire and action behaviour change. Join us on Saturday July 6th 10am - 4pm for the 2nd Eco Living Festival at Lion Yard Shopping Centre Cambridge. Visit our Eco Living Pop Up Lifestyle Centre at No 15 Tibb's Row and enjoy the selection of FREE talks and workshops on offer.
Periods, plastic and the planet
What are the health and environmental issues and what are the alternatives? Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) delivers this Environmenstrual talk exploring the pros and cons of disposable and reusable menstrual products, their health and environmental impacts, period poverty and period taboo. The participatory workshop enables people to make an informed choice of which menstrual products to use and to see and feel all the options available. #PeriodsWithoutPlastic
Drop in at the Eco Living Lifestyle Advice Centre Pop Up for this FREE talk, 12:45pm – 1:30pm.
Create your own Lush Bubble Bar made with all natural ingredients, foams like a bubble bath, package free and yours to take home for free.

This FREE workshop is delivered by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics and is suitable for the kids aged 7 and above. Admission is one ticket per person and on a pre-registration ticket basis only via Eventbrite.

All materials for this workshop are provided.




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