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May 2019:

Our planet earth needs us more than ever. And she belongs to every human being and life form here.

Climate Action is whatever way you can muster and make a behaviour shift in your life that brings consciousness to your lifestyle and choices and how these affect our environment and the people around you.

This is now an emergency and not a fad nor temporary trend and required of ALL OF US.

Regardless of the illusion of age, stage, gender, skin tone, ethnicity, level of eco awareness, education, personal mobility, location, religion or any other idea of what that looks like. It is not an exclusive club of same mind - same physical appearance.

Today more than ever before, a global shift has taken place over the past 18 months, within our local, national and global collective understanding, that now more than ever, we all have to be more conscious about how we consume, dispose and treat this beautiful planet we call home. And how we relate to each other.

Our planet's outer climate breakdown, pollution and crisis simply reflects our collective human situation. With the recent climate strikes in the UK and around the world, there is no turning back to how things were. Last century ideas of talk and no action have no place in the world we wish to create and preserve.

I created the Eco Living Festival ( formerly Cambridge Eco Living Festival), in February 2017 simply one night looking up at the night sky. The idea was quite simple, to develop with like-minded others an event which could engage and inspire communities to change and swap their polluting products for non-polluting ones, and to engage the 'general' public with innovation and ideas on how to create a new lifestyle based on harmony and less waste, rather than overconsumption and a disposable mindset.

Our 2018 Eco Living Festival took 19 months from start to finish of hard grind and determination to develop, and with support and help from some amazing individuals and companies, we were lucky to have two venues which pushed the boundaries of what an 'eco' event would look like.

Our retail location and partner Lion Yard Shopping Centre, offered us a unique opportunity to try something different. An Eco Living Focused event packed with talks, workshops, demonstrations an eco pop up shop and eco stalls, all within a retail centre. Consumers who knew about our festival ahead of time, mingled with those who just came to shop.

We reached 28,000 people that day, the majority of whom had no idea what they were going to stumble upon that rainy day on September 22nd, 2018. For me, that was true success, meeting, inspiring and converting thousands of people who 'never knew' many non-plastic or polluting alternatives were available, and for whom the idea of 'being green' brought a new sense of motivation and personal responsibility towards the environment around them.

On Saturday July 6th, 2019 we return to the Lion Yard Shopping Centre for a new POP UP Eco Living Festival which trials a new concept in retail engagement. Creating the world's first Pop Up Eco Lifestyle Advice Centre, we will again we push the boundaries of sustainabilty, well-being and consumer engagement.

Join us for a day-full of FREE to attend inspiring talks, workshops, demonstrations, led by some very creative talented people, working in and out of the eco living sectors professionally.

At this year's Eco Living Festival we focus on eco beauty products, what to swap and what not to flush down the loo, how to create a plastic-free kitchen, and we creatively used non-recyclable items such as crisp packets and sweet wrappers to create - Eco Bricks, which will be used in several emerging economy nations to help build community centres, homes and schools.

Our location is very central in the centre of Cambridge with excellent green transport links, via train if you are coming out of town, bus within Cambridge and villages or choosing a park an ride option if you are outside of the city boundaries. EV electrical points are not yet available for the festival ( we tried very very hard this year to have them), but hopefully next year. So do charge up if you are coming a long distance.

Nearest Electrical Vehicle Charging Points:

Cambridge - Allia Future Business Centre - Address: Kings Hedges Rd, Cambridge CB4 2HY

Cambourne - Double Tree by Hilton /Belfry Address: Back Lane, Great Cambourne CB23 6BW

Looking forward to seeing you there and beyond.

Caroline Shaheera Asante
Founder and Director of Programming - Eco Living Festival Cambridge UK


We believe in the power of the collective. People and sustainable ideas coming together to create positive change is the most effective and engaging way to manifest a healthier, happier environment and society regardless of geographical location. Our festival's founding mission echoes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and supports the mandate of Sustainable Cities and Communities.


We believe in the power of vision and thinking outside the box. A new era economy has arrived with an increasingly passionate environmentally-aware customer base world wide. Consumers who support and purchase ethical, biodegradable and low-waste products, together with businesses that adhere to this mindset, will thrive and those with their heads still buried in last century ideals shall remain there. This new era economy will help propel the reduction of our collective addiction to disposables. As a start-up festival, we aim to continue forward and build collaborative relationships with amazing and good people who share a similar mindset around the globe.


We believe in the power of solutions and collectively understand what the problems are. Increased human consumption and activity has increased carbon dioxide levels (CO2), shift-shaping our atmosphere causing climate change. By 2050 there may be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. Over two billion disposable plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills and our oceans each year world-wide, followed by disposable razors, cigarette butts, lighters, textiles the list goes on. Ocean plastic debris is destroying the intelligent balance of nature, marine animals and the ecosystem and finding its way into our guts too. Solutions exist to reverse this madness, we just need to know them, then choose only them.
Accessibility and knowledge with a good dose of creatively and fun, these are the elements that will inspire greater consumer environmental behaviour change.
We have one planet and one human race. Each small step leads to a giant leap.
Through the Eco Living Festival we shift from climate change dialogue to low and zero waste consumer engagement and rightly so, we must include everybody and move conversations out of public policy agendas and lecture rooms


Caroline Shaheera Asante
Founder and Director of Programming
Michael Sanders
Senior Events Assistant
Renata Khouri
Dr Linda Thomas
Ocean Waste Dresses Designer
Lauren James
Workshop Facilitator - Make Your Own Beeswax Food Wraps
Kate Metcalf
Event Speaker & Workshop Leader | Women's Environmental Network
Tina Mcgrane
Eco bricks Workshop Leader
Clare Pillinger
Anglian Water Workshop Leader
Charlotte Sam
Events Assistant
Shane A.O
Jnr Events Assistant and Youth Eco Ambassador

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