Welcome to the first Cambridge Eco Living Festival 2018


Welcome. We begin on September 22nd, 2018 with the first Eco Living Festival, in the historic and beautiful University City of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Without vision there can be no progress and being the first takes mighty courage. The need to create a publicly accessible event to engage a wider diversity of residents in Cambridge with low-waste and eco living awareness, ideas and products is our primary aim. I truly believe in order for a society to embrace change - inspiration and engagement must take precedence.

Accessibility and information with a good dose of creativity and fun, these are the elements which will inspire behaviour change, so we have made all festival talks, workshops and events free of charge. As we acknowledge that the results of climate change are no longer a distant predication, but an urgent present-day reality for millions of people around the world, let us recognize in each other an important piece of the puzzle within a wider picture. No action is too small. And as a start-up festival we can only grow from here. We look forward to hosting you, your family and friends on Saturday September 22nd.

Shaheera Asante
Founder & Artistic Director


We believe in the power of the collective. People and sustainable ideas coming together to create positive change is the most effective and engaging way to manifest a healthier, happier environment and society regardless of geographical location. Our festival's founding mission echoes the UN Sustainable Development Goals and supports the mandate of Sustainable Cities and Communities.


We believe in the power of vision and thinking outside the box. A new era economy has arrived with an increasingly passionate environmentally-aware customer base world wide. Consumers who support and purchase ethical, biodegradable and low-waste products, together with businesses that adhere to this mindset, will thrive and those with their heads still buried in last century ideals shall remain there. This new era economy will help propel the reduction of our collective addiction to disposables. As a start-up festival, we aim to continue forward and build collaborative relationships with amazing and good people who share a similar mindset around the globe.


We believe in the power of solutions and collectively understand what the problems are. Increased human consumption and activity has increased carbon dioxide levels (CO2), shift-shaping our atmosphere causing climate change. By 2050 there may be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. Over two billion disposable plastic toothbrushes end up in landfills and our oceans each year world-wide, followed by disposable razors, cigarette butts, lighters, textiles the list goes on. Ocean plastic debris is destroying the intelligent balance of nature, marine animals and the ecosystem and finding its way into our guts too. Solutions exist to reverse this madness, we just need to know them, then choose only them.
Accessibility and knowledge with a good dose of creatively and fun, these are the elements that will inspire greater consumer environmental behaviour change, empowering not preaching, engaging not telling off
Shaheera Asante
Founder & Artistic Director
“It takes tremendous courage and determination to be the first to try something new. We are proud to support Shaheera and the first Eco Living Festival, let’s rally around good ideas and people who want to make positive environmental changes for everyone”
Carlo G. Baldasso
Founding Member and Philanthropist
“We all have a responsibility and part to play through our actions and choices to leave a smaller footprint behind us within our communities, and help create a healthier planet for our children and great grandchildren to inherit. We believe the Eco Living Festival is a great first step”
Esther Ekwebe
Vice – Chair
Through the Eco Living Festival we shift from climate change dialogue to low and zero waste consumer engagement and rightly so, we must include everybody and move conversations out of public policy agendas and lecture rooms
Massimiliano Montini


Professor Massimiliano Montini
Vice Chair | Fellow C-EENRG, University of Cambridge
Shaheera Asante
Founder and Artistic Director
Carlo G. Baldasso
Principal Member |Philanthropist |Executive Film Producer
Esther Eweke
Chair, Strategic Business Intelligence | Philanthropist
Isabel Thomas
Children’s Author / Workshop Leader
Karen Cannard
Festival Speaker | Founder The Rubbish Diet
Jen Gale
Festival Speaker |Founder A Sustainable Life
Birgitta Laurent
Speaker | Workshop Leader| Recycling Champions
Kelly Baldwin
Workshop Leader | Cambridge Community Scrapestores
Roger Allen
Advisory Member| Centre Manager Lion Yard
Cllr Oscar Gillespie
Advisory Member |City Councillor
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