Children’s Art And Writing Competition- This event is now closed

Children’s Writing & Art competition
Attention all Kids!
Plastic waste is turning our world’s oceans into giant, floating rubbish dumps.
Adults are failing to solve the problem
We need your help! write, draw or collage your
coolest idea to battle single-use plastic.
The best two ideas will win a signed copy of
“This Book Is Not Rubbish: 50 Ways to Ditch Plastic, Reduce Rubbish and Save the World!”( Wren & Rook 2018)
A brand-new guide for young eco-warriors
by Cambridge Science Writer Isabel Thomas

What to do? Kids write, draw or collage your coolest idea to battle single-use plastic.
How to enter? At the bottom of your entry, write your name, age, and a parent or guardian’s name, email address and contact number.

Fold it in half (no need for an envelope) and drop it off in the Post Box at the Central Pillar the Lion Yard Shopping Centre

“Plastic’s greatest strength – being almost indestructible – is also its greatest problem.

While paper or cardboard rot away in weeks, plastic bottles, straws and carrier bags, which could take up to450 YEARS tobreak down. During this time, plastic waste doesn’t go away it just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces – called Microplastics.

The United Nations has warned that these microplastics are harming marine birds, animals and fish who think the plastic is food (because it looks like yummy plankton), so they eat it.

Most of this plastic is made up of drinking strawsof all sizes (including the ones that come with lunch box drinks), food wrappers, crisp packets, lids, stirrers, plastic bottles and bags. By 2050, there may be more plastic than fish by weight in the world’s oceans.

We have to do something quick!

Cambridge Eco Living Festival on Saturday 22nd, 2018 is looking for your best ideas to battle single-use plastic waste, and help clean up the oceans, beaches and prevent marine life from being harmed.

How to enter:
The competition is open to all children residing in Cambridgeshire aged 5 to 12 years.

What to do:
Save a piece of A4 paperfrom the recycle bin, and use it to write, draw or collageyour coolest idea to battle single-use plastic. You can both write an idea and draw if you wish. We like to see paper being recycled, so we don’t mind if something else is on the back!

Write in your neatest handwriting:
Your Name, Age, and a Parent’s Name, Email address and Contact Number at the bottom of your entry.Fold it in half (no need for an envelope) and drop it offin the Post Boxat the Central Pillar (near to Lush) at the Lion Yard Shopping Centre.

Deadline:Saturday September 15th6pm
Winning entries will be featured on our website and you will be presented with a copy of your book prize during the Cambridge Eco Living FestivalonSaturday September 22nd, 2018 at 17:00 @ the central pillar of Lion Yard Shopping Centre.

Deadline for entries:
Sunday September 16th, @ 16:00

Competition rules: Terms and Conditions
Rules of Entry: The promoters and organisers of the competition “GoPlasticFreeDay – Children’s Writing & Art competition” are Wren & Brooke Publishers, Cambridge Eco Living Festival and the Lion Yard Shopping Centre – Cambridge UK. The competition is open to children residing in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom only aged 5 – 12 years, however either side of this age-guide by 12 months of the recommended age group can enter with providing skill. The competition is restricted from entry from any employee or person related to the organisers, promoters or judges of the competition, and children over 13 years of age – as of September 1, 2018. The closing date of the entry is Saturday September 15th, 2018 whereby entries will be collected, and two winners will be chosen by a selected panel of judges including the author of the ‘prize’, publisher, promoter and qualified invited representatives chosen by the promoters’. The winners (two) will be decided based on interpretation of the competition requests, using skills of writing and/or hand-drawing/illustration, and be awarded the ‘prize’ stated in the competition. All entries to this competition must strictly be by the hand of the participant and be of original text and/or drawing/illustration and not be by the hand of any third-party. All entries must follow the competition entries requirements and provide the contact information requested, otherwise the entry will be null and void. The winners must be accompanied by a parent(s) or legal guardian, will be required to attend the draw of the competition on Saturday September 22nd, 2018 at the Lion Yard Shopping Centre at a notified location and time, and be able and willing to participate as required in any post-event publicity for the purpose of announcement. All entries to the competition will be kept by the competition organisers and not returned to the participant. By entering the competition, you agree to waiver your rights to the entry contents, a selection of which may be displayed in a public arena associated with the Cambridge Eco Living Festival’s promotion or related events. In this instance only a first name and age would be publicly displayed next to the artwork or writing. If a parent or guardian would like their child’s artwork returned, contact information will be available on the organisers website.

Data Protection: All personal contact information provided as part of the competition entry including, name, age, contact details of either child, parent or guardian will strictly not be shared with a third-party.